Hello Diana, 

Do you use web version? Or you are talking about mobile application? 

The web version. I would like to get used to that before I start with the phone app.

are you talking about accounts balance or about the total balance? In the second case it's right behaviour if both accounts are "considered in "Balance" (see respective checkboxes at http://maxfin.ru/app/AccountSettings.aspx) because transfer between your accounts neither expense nor income of YOUR money

The current account balance. Transfer between accounts does give me a current balance of the accout. Say if I transfer 50 to accout b from account a. It shows me after that I have-50 on account a and +50 in account b. I was talking about deducting expenses though. I believe I have figured it out. Behind the check I have to finish with todays date and it refreshes the actual accoint balance. Thank you